In fact, many people who launch a Supercuts franchise have little to no experience at all in the beauty industry.

The Supercuts system has been designed to get you operating as quickly as possible, and help you realize the full potential of this high-demand, high-repeat cash business with an airtight, streamlined business model that takes away the guesswork.

Minimizing your
learning curve

Established systems for operating, marketing, and financial systems are already in place.

Planning to reach your
long term goals

Whether transitioning from a full-time job or looking to become a multi-unit owner, planning begins before you ever sign a contract.

Giving you tools to recruit
talented staff

Top-notch training and a relationship with Empire Beauty Schools ensure managers and stylists who are at the top of their games.

Building multiple income
streams into every salon

Beyond fast, convenient haircuts, you’ll profit from offering extended salon services and an assortment of popular hair products.

Seriously. you don't need to know anything about hair.
You’ll spend your time working on your business, not in it, dedicating your time to:
  • Recruiting a strong staff
  • Establishing ties to your local community
  • Selecting and implementing marketing plans
  • Building income by executing company strategies
  • Empowering employees by delegating responsibility
  • Working with Regis to ensure the growth of your company
  • Providing vision and accountability for operational excellence


For Franchisees:
  • World-class training modules in business management, customer service, and recruiting.
  • Regularly scheduled phone calls to discuss service, retail, and training needs.
  • Annual Regis Franchise Convention for all Regis franchisees — an extraordinary opportunity to network, learn, and adopt proven strategies for growing your salon.
For Stylists:
  • Regis dedicates artistic directors and consultants to lead training classes in various forms and at different skill levels.
  • Hair Stylist Academy (HSA) is a comprehensive training and certification program that trains stylists on hair care industry trends and the proprietary Supercuts hair cutting technique.

operational support helps you maximize profitability

Your success is Supercuts success. That's why, as a Supercuts franchisee, you can count on:
Marketing support helps Do the heavy lifting
Strong lifetime sales start before a salon even opens its doors.
A dedicated Regional Marketing Manager will help you:
  • 1.

    Establish and execute a comprehensive Grand Opening strategy

  • 2.

    Gain awareness and affinity in the local community

  • 3.

    Attract prospective customers to your location

  • 4.

    Build and maintain relationships with existing customers

  • 5.

    Plan for ongoing marketing efforts

  • 6.

    Each Supercuts salon also gets its own web page and employee recruitment materials.


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Turning Products Into A Profit-Center
Product sales can account for a significant portion of a salon’s revenue.
Supercuts has hand-picked an optimal range of products for franchisees to offer customers.
Supercuts also provides franchisees with the essential tools for tracking inventory, optimizing displays, and streamlining product ordering.


From site selection to construction and maintenance, Supercuts helps you to acquire property and gain the best possible foothold within your region.
Real Estate helps you find the perfect location in your market and negotiate initial and renewal lease agreements.
Asset Management runs analytics on franchise locations prior to leasing decisions, to ensure your location is the best for your business.
Design makes sure that each Supercuts salon meets brand standards while optimizing each individual space.
Construction monitors all phases of the build-out process to keep everything running smoothly and handling construction-specific issues that may arise.
Facilities is in charge of repairs and maintenance for each Supercuts salon, freeing you up to focus on your business.
from securing financing to financial freedom
Supercuts provides owners with financial and accounting support throughout the life of their business with:
  • Finding the best long-term and working capital financing
  • Financial audits and business reviews
  • Suggestions for payroll planning
  • Budgeting and goal setting
  • Sales and inventory analysis
  • QuickBooks and general ledger setup